Poorboy's World EX-P 32oz

Poorboy's World EX-P 32oz

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Poorboy's EX-P is a PURE sealant that easily brings out the brilliance and clarity of lighter colored vehicles. EX-P may also be used on dark colored vehicles for a crystal clear unobstructed protection layer.

Sealants are the "wax of the future" man made works of art to protect your vehicle for whatever the environment can throw at it! Sealants are well suited toprotect against the environmental hazards that man has created. Things like acid rain or industrial fallout. Superior longevity is what sealants are all about so you don't need to apply EX-P as often as a carnauba product.

Watch metallic flake pop out in an almost 3D performance when EX-P is applied to your finish. EX-P may be used by hand or machine, sun or shade.

Machine Buffing Pad Recommendations: Finishing or Finessing, low speed application