Poorboy's Matte Detailer & Protectant 16oz

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Poorboy's Matte Detailer & Protectant is the only product that you need to clean and protect matte paint, matte wheels, matte vinyl stripes, matte vinyl wraps and any surface with a matte finish. Matte Detailer & Protectant provides UV protection and will not add gloss to the matte finish. Matte surfaces that are detailed often with Poorboy's World Matte Detailer & Protectant are clean, smooth and protected.

Matte Detailer & Protectant is an easy to use streak-free cleaner with UVA/UVB absorbers that can be used in the sun or in the shade.


Matte Paint

Matte Wheels

Matte Stripes

Matte Wraps

Anything Matte!


Spray a light mist directly on the matte surface and wipe immediately back and forth with a microfiber towel. Flip towel over to a dry side and lightly buff until surface is clear and streak-free. If you see any streaks, reapply Matte Detailer & Protectant but use even less. The less product that you use, the easier and better the results.