Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Wax 16oz

Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Wax 16oz

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New Formula is thicker and contains more crystalline polymers for added durability, gloss and slickness!

Liquid Souveran Car Wax achieves the Pinnacle of paint perfection!

Pinnacle Liquid Souverän Car Wax features Brazil’s highest grade carnauba wax fused with Pinnacle’s signature crystalline polymers that were developed right here in south Florida. This advanced blend of high-grade Brazilian carnauba wax and advanced polymers delivers a deep, dazzling shine and a length of paint protection that was once exclusive to synthetic paint sealants.

Pinnacle Liquid Souverän Car Wax is formulated using the maximum amount of carnauba wax possible in a liquid formula. Before the carnauba wax is liquefied it goes through a refining process that was originally developed exclusively for Pinnacle’s flagship Souverän Paste Wax. After the carnauba wax is refined and all the impurities are removed, Pinnacle’s proprietary crystalline polymers are then fused with the wax. This unique blending process makes Pinnacle Liquid Souverän Car Wax unlike any other liquid car wax available.


Key Features:

  • Closely mimics the look of Souverän™ Carnauba Paste Wax
  • Maximum amount of carnauba available in a liquid wax
  • 3-D, wet-looking shine
  • Haze and streak resistant
  • Lasts up to 4 months
  • Can be layered
  • No white chalk, wipes off wet
  • Advanced crystalline polymers provide winter-tough protection