Optimum TAR (Tar, Adhesive, and Rubber) Remover 32oz

Optimum TAR (Tar, Adhesive, and Rubber) Remover 32oz

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Optimum T.A.R. Remover is a fast acting, easy to use, and environmentally friendly solution for removing tar, adhesive, and rubber contaminants from all automotive surfaces. Optimum T.A.R. Remover is based on soy and other natural extracts and does not contain any petroleum distillates making it safe for the consumer, the environment, and your vehicles and is safe to use on all automotive surfaces including paint, chrome, plastic, and glass. Optimum T.A.R. Remover is biodegradable and VOC free.


• Spray T.A.R.™ Remover directly on the contaminated surfaces.
• Allow to dwell for 1-2 minutes. Agitation may be necessary for heavier deposits.
• Rinse with a pressure washer or use a microfiber towel dampened with
Optimum No Rinse (ONR) to remove residue.
• In some cases a longer dwell time or second application may be required.