Optimum Opti-Mitt

Optimum Opti-Mitt

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Optimum Opti-Mitt is made of high density polyurethane foam that is very soft, highly absorbent, and very durable. It is specifically designed to work with Optimum No Rinse orOptimum Car Wash to make the process of washing cars safer and easier. The waffle design creates a much larger surface area for removing all the dirt and grime from the surface safely and effectively. 

Optimum Opti-Mitt provides a great wash medium for Optimum No Rinse or Optimum Car Wash. The 85-90 pores per square inch allows for the wash solution to flow to the surface and add great lubricity during the wash to protect all automotive surfaces from marring. Opti-Mitt is also very absorbent and can pull all the dirt and grime safely and effectively. The yellow backing of Opti-Mitt is much coarser and is designed to be used as a bug sponge or cleaning wheels. So in essence, you will get two wash mitts in one with Optimum Opti-Mitt.