Optimum GelCoat Restorer 32oz

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Optimum GelCoat Restorer 32oz

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Optimum GelCoat Restorer 32oz

Optimum Gel Coat Restorer (GCR) is engineered to return Gelcoat to its factory finish without the need for polishing. GCR rebuilds the Gelcoat keeping the original thickness and restoring the gloss. GCR will restore your Gelcoat and protect it with its included UV protection.

  • Easy to use.

  • No polishing required.

  • Long term durability.

  • Easy to maintain.

1.            Remove loose oxidation using pure Optimum Power Clean and a brush or mild scuff pad.

2.            Rinse the surface thoroughly and dry.

3.            Wearing gloves and eye protection, apply GCR to the surface in overlapping circular motions. If the Gelcoat was heavily oxidized, the GCR will soak in. Do not over apply.

4.            Once dry to the touch (20-30 minutes), apply a second coat.

5.            Depending on the level of oxidation, up to 4 coats may be required.

6.            To maintain the restored surface, wash with Optimum No Rinse (ONR) and apply Optimum Car Wax regularly.

Must use towels such as these: HERE