Opti Pro Paint Applicator

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Opti Pro Paint Applicator is made of uber soft polyurethane foam with an easy to hold hexagonal grip. 

The uber soft foam is designed for the application ofOptimum Opti-Seal or Optimum Opti-Coat

Optimum Opti Pro Paint Applicator makes the process of applying Optimum Opti-Seal or Optimum Opti-Coat very easy. Just spray Optimum Opti-Seal directly on the uber soft foam and spread it on the exterior surfaces of your car. The 100 pores per square inch uber soft foam allows for easy application and makes the process faster and easier. For the application of Optimum Opti-Coat dispense from the syringe to form an X pattern on the uber soft foam and apply to all surfaces to be coated. When the application process is completed, simply wash the applicator and allow to dry before reusing.