NV NOVA PRO 30ml (Studios Only)

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NV NOVA PRO 30ml (Studios Only)

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Nv Nova Pro User Guide

In choosing Nv Nova Pro you are applying one of the world's most advanced,
high performing and durable ceramic coatings in existence. So, we at Nv Car
Care would like to provide you with some tips and important information about its
application to ensure both you and your customers have the very best
experience with this exceptional coating.

Surface Preparation Tips:

As an authorised Nv Nova Pro Installer, we recognise your ability to undertake
the vital surface preparation steps in order to ensure you achieve a strong and
long-lasting bond with Nv Nova Pro to the vehicles paint and trims. To emphasise
this crucial pre-application process, we wish to list a few hopefully useful points in
reaching those surface preparation goals.


A decontamination pre-soak foam (we recommend Nv Snow+ 1:10) allowed to
adequately dwell, followed by a thorough pressure rinse down.
Physical hand wash
A strip car wash detergent (we recommend Nv Snow+ 1:200) with a microfibre
wash mitt. Where appropriate we also recommend using a detailing brush with
your detergent to clean around more intricate car trims to remove trapped dirt.
Chemical and/or mechanical decontamination
The use of chemical iron, tar, mineral and traffic film removal chemicals (we
recommend Nv Purify and Nv Shift neat) and/or automotive clay to remove
potential road and environmental particles as well as any prior car waxes or

Paint Correction

Compounding and/or polishing car paint (we recommend Nv Precision and/or Nv
Finesse) to ensure defects such as paint oxidation, water etchings, swirls and
scratches are removed, and paint is amplified to its greatest gloss and clarity

Wash, dry & Panel wipe

In the circumstance where the vehicle is subjected to increased volumes of
compounding dusts and/or other environmental contamination, we recommend
repeating the
pre-wash and physical wash steps and blow drying the vehicle
after paint correction and prior to performing a full and thorough panel wipe down
with an isopropyl alcohol (we recommend Nv Clarity) or IPA product
The end goal to your surface preparation process is to have all the paint and
trims as completely clean, bare and defect free as possible, prior to applying Nv
Nova Pro in order to ensure an effective long-lasting bond with the coating to the
vehicle’s surface.

Application Tips:

Environment & Safety
Nv Nova Pro must be applied out of direct sunlight in a well-ventilated garage or
shop environment and with appropriate use of PPE wear.

Panel wipe

Immediately prior to applying Nv Nova Pro, you must firstly perform a thorough
IPA panel wipe (we recommend Nv Clarity) to remove any surface oils,
fingerprints or light dust from the vehicle.

Shake the bottle

Always gently shake the bottle before initial use to ensure the ingredients are
well combined

Apply a bead of product

Using the included suede applicator wrapped around the foam block, apply a
bead of Nv Nova Pro along the applicator before every application to a new
section. Also ensure you switch to a new suede cloth every half hour or before
the coating starts to cure and harden on the cloth.

Section, application and climate

Apply Nv Nova Pro in overlapping horizontal and vertical lines in an
approximately half meter section at a time, doing 3 to 5 total passes in each
section. In warmer climates we recommend applying Nova Pro to a section at a
time, working slightly smaller sections and limiting passes to three in total. While
in colder climates you can apply Nova Pro to larger and even multiple sections at
a time and perform 5 total passes to encourage the coating to flash a little

Weather/climate and flashing

All ceramic coatings are extremely temperature sensitive, and Nova Pro is no
exception. The hotter and more humid the climate is, the faster Nova Pro will
flash and need to be wiped or levelled down, and the colder the climate is, the
longer it will take for this coating to flash and bond to the surface. For example,
you can expect Nova Pro to flash within 30 seconds to a minute on a humid 40
degrees Celsius day. On a much colder 10 degrees Celsius day, it could take as
long as 8 to 10 minutes for it to flash and bond to the paint. While on a more
typical 20 to 25 degrees (Celsius) day with just moderate humidity it should be
closer to 2-4 minutes.

Coating’s flashing signs

As Nv Nova Pro starts to flash and bond to the surface it will change from looking
quite dark and wet to becoming increasingly streaky and a little hazy as a sign its
ready to be levelled down with your cloths. Additionally, if Nova Pro smears a lot
during your wipe-off, it’s a sign you haven’t waited long enough, while if Nova Pro
is extremely tacky and difficult to wipe down, it’s a sign you’ve waited too long.

Wiping and levelling down the coating

Always use two low pile cloths at a time to level or wipe down the excess coating,
and be sure to fold, rotate and switch to fresh cloths throughout coating an entire
vehicle - you should use approximately 6 cloths per car and per coat. Your first
cloth should be used to gently gather the majority of the excess coating, while
your second cloth should be used to buff the section streak free.

Working Method

Always apply Nova Pro starting from the roof and most inner sections and
working your way down and outwards from the vehicle. Be sure to overlap every
new section by at least an inch or so to make sure you don’t miss any spot and
achieve a perfect uniform finish.


If the most long-term durability is desired from Nova Pro ceramic coating, it’s
advisable to apply a second layer between 45mins -3 hours depending on the
climate. When applying two layers in much hotter and humid climates, we advise
coating only half the vehicle at a time and then immediately applying the second
layer over the same half of the vehicle before repeating the process on the
second half of the car due to curing time restrictions. Though in more average
weather conditions 90mins to 2 hours should be fine for a second coat, and in
more extreme colder climates, the second layer should be applied approximately
3 hours later.

Curing & After Care Tips:

On average a layer of Nv Nova Pro will cure 80% to 90% within the first 12 to
24hrs, while two layers of the coating may take 24-36hrs to reach the same
hardened state. It’s vital that within this approximately 24hrs period the coating is
keep dry and free from any contamination. The last 10% to 20% of curing will
occur over the next week or two as all the carrier solvents escape from the
coating in which the car can be used as normal during this period.
Although infrared lights are not required with Nova Pro, they can be used to
speed up its curing time, particularly in colder climates.

It’s advised to wait at least 1-2 weeks (depending on the climate) before using
any detergents or chemicals to wash the vehicle after coating it. To maintain the
peak performance of the coating, we recommend using pure and non-additive
car soaps such as NV Snow for future maintenance washes. Nv Snow+ can be
used periodically in 3-to-6-month intervals to deep clean the coating as needed
based on the environment and contamination. Iron removal and water spot
chemicals can also be used periodically as needed to remove fallout and water
spots from the coating.

Nv Nova Boost can be applied over Nova Pro after 24 hours if the vehicle doesn’t
have undercover parking to help protect the coating while it fully cures and can
be additionally used after each wash and even as a drying aid to provide a
sacrificial layer of protection.
More durable topcoat sealants such as Nv Nova Jet or Lustre can be used every
few months to increase the coating's durability and performance over the years
but should not be applied until the coating is fully cured.