NV Lustre 250ml

NV Lustre 250ml - CARZILLA

NV Lustre 250ml

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Nova Lustre is a unique spray coating that creates sharp reflections, epic levels of gloss and the ultimate metallic gloss - all whilst creating an ultra-slick, protective layer on the surface. 

This unique blend of SiO2 focuses on enhancing the paintwork, increasing the saturation & clarity of colours and shades. It also has a unique resin that allows Lustre to fill in minor swirling & haze on all paint types. 

Lustre doesn't just excel at aesthetic transformation, it also provides excellent protection, resisting harsh environmental contamination, UV rays and provides great self-cleaning properties with an impressive hydrophobic effect. All of these great features will last up to 6 months. 

  • Extreme Gloss
  • Super Slick
  • Hydrophobic
  • Fills minor defects
  • Up to 6 months durability (Apply every 1-2 months for max performance)
  • Approximately 25ml per application

A fine carnauba wax can give you that illusion of the wet look and has such a unique shine. We don't despise waxes, we actually love what they have to offer visually and have been brought up around them. This is why we spent so much time trying to create a product that looked similar while providing many other benefits. Lustre is slicker, more durable, easier to clean, much easier to apply and more environmentally resistant than most boutique waxes.

NOVA is a group of formulations that protect and enhance surfaces on your vehicle. They are based on the very latest frontier of Sio2 technology. Simply put, they are supercharged synthetic waxes. Unlocking new levels of gloss, durability, resistance and protection for your vehicle. The spray coatings are all incredibly easy to use and boast fantastic performance. Using only 25ml per application, they have a level of cost performance that can't be beaten. 

  1. Spray directly onto the surface or onto a dry or damp 4seasons (Fluffier, higher nap side)
  2. Work into the area applied, take your time and make sure you apply right up to the edges
  3. Wipe off with a clean side, or separate cloth. Low nap microfiber works the best (Other side of a 4seasons cloth)
  4. If you are experiencing hazing on wipe off (as on some protective products it can take longer to adhere) wait 20-30 seconds before your second dry wipe.
  5. Allow 2 hours for curing