Nanoskin AQUA RABBIT The Ultimate Absorbing Towel 7sq ft

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Nanoskin AQUA RABBIT The Ultimate Absorbing Towel

• It's like a chamois, a towel, and a sponge all in one!
• Washes, dries and polishes any surface
• Leaves no water streaks


• Absorbs liquids like no other and leaves surfaces on your vehicle spot free. • Ready to use drying towel is soft and can be stored wet or dry in your vehicle. •Ideal fro drying cars, motorcycles, boats, PWC, and planes. Leaves a perfect finish on glass and many other surfaces around the home. • This amazing drying towel is free rinsing and is not affected by mildew, bacteria, and common household chemicals.


• Remove Aqua Rabbit from the polybag, rinse with clean cool water and ring out...Its now ready for use. • Rinse Aqua Rabbit free of any and all soaps and detergents and keep clean for best results. • Open Aqua Rabbit and pull across the surfaces desired for a dry finish, this action will lift off any water on the surface. • After use completely rinse any and all loose dirt of grime from your Aqua Rabbit with clean cool water, ring out and store.