Mytee 3601 System Maintainer

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Mytee 3601 System Maintainer

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Mytee 3601 System Maintainer

After purchasing one or more Mytee extractors, make the most of your sound investment by ordering our 3601 System Maintainer. Use Mytee’s 3601 System Maintainer weekly for maximum performance and pressure and to prolong the life of your machine.

Benefits of Weekly Maintenance

  • Keep all tanks and lines free of hard water and chemical build up
  • Improve pump life
  • Minimize acid corrosion and lime scale build up for maximum performance and pressure
  • Keep heater(s) running at maximum temperature

3601 System Maintainer Instructions for Use

Mix 1-quart 3601 System Maintainer with 1-quart of warm water.
After thoroughly mixing, pour this solution into the solution tank.
Turn the pump on FIRST, and run solution through your cleaning tool.
Next, turn on the heater. If the heater is turned on first, it will result in a vapor lock, which will affect the machine’s operation.
Next, with both the pump and heater on, begin running the solution through the machine. This allows the solution to break down any build up in the lines.
After running all of the solution through the machine, fill the tank with clean, warm water. Run the water through the machine to clear the solution completely out of the tank & lines.