Mytee 80-120 Deluxe Detailing Prep Center (Custom Order)

Mytee 80-120 Deluxe Detailing Prep Center (Custom Order)

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Mytee 80-120 Deluxe Detailing Prep Center S w/ Heat

NOTE: Due to high demand and limited production, no returns/exchanges for Mytee extractors (factory warranty still applies).

The 80-120 Prep Center S Is Your New Pit Crew.

We don't stock this locally and need to order this in per order basis (ETA 1~2 weeks)

The new Prep Center S™ All-in-One Detail Machine from Mytee is the next chapter in our game changing Prep Center series. The new chassis makes the Prep Center S™ slimmer and more mobile than earlier models, without any loss in function. In fact, we gave it Even More Capacity! With its all-in-one design and intuitive features meant to maximize efficiency, the Prep Center S™ will have you doing laps around your competition, not your shop!

Use this all-in-one detail machine to perform hot water extraction, dry vacuuming, interior and exterior drying, chemical application, and even paint correction when you connect an air brush to the front quick connect!

Prep Center S All-in-One Detail Machine Includes:

  • 8400P Air Lite™ Upholstery Tool
  • 25′ vacuum & solution hose combo
  • 25′ dry vacuum hose
  • Dry vacuum claw
  • Dry vacuum crevice tool
  • Blower tool


  • 12 gallon (approx.) solution and recovery tanks.
  • 3-stage low amp vacuum motor, 100 CFM, 130” water lift.
  • 120 PSI viton sealed solution pump.
  • Exclusive REAL HEAT™ system produces hot water using a 1,200-watt in-line heating system with a maximum temperature of 210˚ F.
  • Convenient faucet fill hose.
  • Wet and dry vacuum capability.
  • Interior and exterior drying capability, complete with attachments.
  • Contains built in tray to keep tools in order and easily store them after each job.
  • Multiple chemical dispensing with three bottles powered by a shop air compressor and a 25′ coiled hose with adjustable gun for each bottle.
  • Durable roto-molded polyethylene body which resists rust and denting.

When it comes to your auto detailing business; choose a proven winner. Out pace the competition. 


• Roto-molded polyethylene housing
• 10" (25.4 cm) foam-filled rear wheels
• 4" (10 cm) locking front casters

Solution Tank

12 gallon (45.4 L) approx. capacity

Vacuum Tank

12 gallon (45.4 L) approx. capacity


Single 3-Stage Vacuum Motor
• 100 CFM
• 130" water lift


Diaphragm Demand Pump
• 120 PSI
• 1.3 GPM


REAL HEAT™ system – 1,200W – 210ºF maximum

Chemical Dispenser

Three bottles with hoses & adjustable nozzles – Powered by shop air source, 30 PSI max.

Package Includes

• 4" upholstery tool (choose between Air Lite™ and stainless steel)
• 25' Vacuum and Solution Hose Combo
• 25' Dry Vacuum Hose
• Dry Vacuum Claw
• Dry Vacuum Crevice
• Blower Attachment Tool

Power Cord

Single 25' (7.6 m) 12/3

Amp Draw (110-120V 60Hz)

Cord One: 20 amps

Amp Draw (220-240V 50Hz)

Cord One: 10 amps

Net Weight

144 lbs. (65.3 kg)

Machine Dimensions

31" x 19" x 55" (78.7 cm x 48.2 cm x 139.7 cm)

Shipping Weight

190 lbs. (86.2 kg) (does not include pallet weight)

Shipping Dimensions

42" x 24" x 74" (106.7 cm x 61 cm x 188 cm)


All purchases are final. This product cannot be returned (full warranty applies).