MTM Acquashine Complete Kit 43.5030

MTM Acquashine Complete Kit 43.5030

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Product Code: 43.5030

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CAR DETAILING KIT - Includes: PF22.2 Foam Cannon, Stainless Steel Swivel Pressure Washer Gun, Stainless Steel Lance, and 50’ Non-Marking Kobrajet Hose with Stainless Steel fittings.

PRESSURE WASHER FOAM CANNON - The PF22.2 car wash foam sprayer features a chemical injection knob to increase or decrease foam output. Create thicker, denser foam to remove dirt and grime.

INTEGRATED SWIVEL GUN - Acqualine SGS35 Foam washer gun featuring an integrated stainless steel live swivel mechanism to prevent tangles and reinforced plastic ribbing to protect your hand.

KOBRAJET HOSE - 50’ Non-Marking pressure washer hose with a 2mm inner wall to prevent gashes and ruptures. Ideal for applications like car washing and car detailing.

ACQUALINE LANCE - 20” Acqualine bent vented pressure washer extension wand to allow a more perpendicular approach with a spray pattern that pushes debris away from the cleaning surface.