Menzerna GW16 Painted Surface Finish

Menzerna GW16 Painted Surface Finish

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Menzerna GW16 Painted Surface Finish

The flagship of the Menzerna solid paste program: a single-stage product that is unrivaled in terms of abrasiveness and gloss, GW16 is best suited to polishing coated woods and plastics. Spectrum suggests pairing this compound with soft buffs like our Matchless untreated white and flannel airways.

Cut / Gloss: 5 / 7

Capable of removing 800 grit sanding marks from polyurethane coatings, GW16 is recommended by Menzerna as a single-stage, high gloss polish or the first stage in a two-step polishing process. Bring your coated/lacquered wood to an exceptionally glossy mirror finish by following up with Menzerna P175. GW16 can also be used to refine your finish after cutting with Menzerna GW18 Heavy Cut and/or Menzerna P204 Medium Cut compounds.

Particularly effective on polyurethane coatings but also suited to polyester coatings, lacquers, and other coatings, as well as plastics.