Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection

Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection 1L - CARZILLA.CA
Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection - CARZILLA.CA

Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection

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Menzerna’s Gelcoat Premium Protection offers long-lasting polymer protection against adhesion and scratches.

The latest polymer technologies create a visibly fresher and perceptibly smoother surface, resulting in less resistance and protection from – and adhesion of – environmental hazards (salt, dirt, lime growth, UV radiation, etc.). Get the best results in the least time – gel coats tend to be much thicker, harder, and more porous than clear coat, and as a result this product is formulated with special chemistry to prevent the sealant from yellowing the surface or being absorbed into the gel coat!


- Flawless surface for economical flow characteristics
- Maintains and enhances the value of the boat
- Effectively prevents adhesion, even during extended lay days and downtime

Menzerna offers professional boat polishes for all types of gel coats: Surface preparation, removal of scratches, yellowing, dull spots and removal of sanding marks. For a deep gloss and flawless surfaces. Menzerna offers a Premium polishing system. Your advantages: Superior polishing processes for working efficiently with low material input in less time.

Recommended Usage:

1) Clean the glossy surface with Menzerna Control Cleaner prior to sealing. Previously chalky (e.g., especially porous) gelcoat may prove simpler to clean with MZ Wash and a foam cannon as wiped on cleaners can absorb into the surface more quickly than they are buffed off.
2) Shake the bottle prior to use and apply a small quantity of the product onto the polishing pad (a pea-sized drop is sufficient for an area measuring approx. 80 x 80 cm).
3) Apply the long-lasting sealant with the Wax Foam Pad.
4) Use an orbital polisher (minimum rotational speed) and use the cross-coating method. Alternatively, you can apply the wax by hand with a microfiber cloth.
5) Following application: leave the sealant to dry for 25 to 30 minutes and remove any residual polish with the Premium Microfiber cloth, without applying any pressure. Leave the sealant to harden in a protected area for at least 3 hours.
6) Optionally, you can reapply Gelcoat Premium Protection after 4 hours for a longer-lasting sealing effect.