Menzerna Gelcoat Premium One Step Polish 1L

Menzerna Gelcoat Premium One Step Polish 1L

Brand: Menzerna

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Menzerna’s premium one-step boat polish quickly eliminates sanding, yellowing, and dull spots while adding a deep gloss – even on dark gelcoats.

Polishes to a high gloss in just one process step. Once around the boat – finish included. A look at the brilliant results will give you goose bumps! Get the best results in the least time – gel coats tend to be much thicker, harder, and more porous than clear coat, and as a result this product is formulated with more aggressive abrasives and special chemistry to prevent the polish from being absorbed before it can be worked over the surface. Automotive compounds will work, but can result in greater product usage, more time spent, and less desirable results.

Cut / Gloss: 8 / 8

This product utilizes a diminishing abrasive and as such should be spread out (e.g., using a slow speed and minimal pressure, and/or by dabbing your pad in the working area. If you begin polishing in one spot the abrasives may break down and stop aggressively cutting before you work the entire section.