Menzerna Gelcoat Liquid Sanding 32oz

Menzerna Gelcoat Liquid Sanding 32oz - CARZILLA

Brand: Menzerna

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Cut: Equivalent to 800-1200 grit.

Liquid sandpaper aggressively sands badly scratched, dirty or chalky gelcoats without creating sanding dust. This liquid sanding suspension also establishes clear conditions at repair sites, resulting in ideal surface preparation for subsequent polishing.

– High-grade sanding powder, very easy to use
– Even sanding pattern
– Clean sanding pattern, also on curvatures
– No sanding dust or dirt thanks to liquid suspension of the abrasive grits

Menzerna offers professional boat polishes for all types of gel coats: Surface preparation, removal of scratches, yellowing, dull spots and removal of sanding marks. For a deep gloss and flawless surfaces. Menzerna offers a Premium polishing system. Your advantages: Superior polishing processes for working efficiently with low material input in less time.