Mckee's Graphene Ceramic Coating 4oz (118ml)

Mckee's Graphene Ceramic Coating 4oz - CARZILLA.CA

Mckee's Graphene Ceramic Coating 4oz (118ml)

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Semi-permanent paint protection

McKee’s 37 Graphene Ceramic Coating provides tough-as-nails paint protection that lasts upwards of 5 years. Formulated using a ultra-refined blend of graphene-oxide ceramic resins, McKee’s 37 Graphene Ceramic Coating offers unmatched paint protection. Use on paint, wheels, chrome, and glass.

If you're shopping for a ceramic coating and your goal is ease of use, protection, and gloss, then look no further than McKee's 37 Graphene Ceramic Coating. Traditionally you can have 2 out of the 3 characteristics described above, but not all 3, until now. We formulated Graphene Ceramic Coating as a zero-compromise formula that offers effortless application (even for beginners!), long-lasting protection (5 years!), and incredible depth of shine - all packaged into one glass container. Brilliant!

On the Moh scale of hardness, Graphene Ceramic Coating has a rating of 10H. What does this mean? Unparalleled paint protection, that's what! Graphene Ceramic Coating produces such a hard coating on your vehicle's paintwork, that it will actually help reduce unwanted scratches and swirl marks from being instilled as easily as they would your bare clear coat.

Graphene Ceramic Coating produces relentless water-beading, month-after-month, year-after-year. You do not have to be a professional detailer to reap the benefits offered by this state-of-the-art graphene coating. In fact, application is arguably as easy as applying a liquid wax or paint sealant.


Chemically and mechanically decontaminate the vehicle using McKee's 37 Xtreme Iron Remover and our Universal Clay Mitt. Then, use a polish such as McKee's 37 Coating Prep Polish or Complete Finishing Polish. Before applying the coating ,wipe the vehicle down with McKee's 37 Coating Prep Spray. Once the surface has been properly prepped, apply the coating to one panel at a time using a McKee’s 37 Coating Applicator. Apply side-to-side, and then up-and-down. Apply more coating as needed. Once you finish coating a panel, wipe off excess product using a short-nap microfiber towel. Use short, firm strokes when buffing off excess. Flip your towel often. Avoid exposing the vehicle to moisture for 24 hours. Maintain the gloss and protection by regularly washing your vehicle using McKee's 37 Graphene Auto Wash and applying Hydro Graphene Ceramic Coating.