Maxshine Wheel Stand Tire Roller WS01

Maxshine Wheel Stand Tire Roller WS01

Brand: Maxshine

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  • Clean, polish and protect your wheels in the most efficient and effective way possible. This tool will help you get the job done faster while producing an even overall result.
  • Heavy-duty construction and materials used to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this tool. The painted steel frame used is optimal for durability and to prevent corrosion.
  • Rubber feet
  • Easy to clean, store and take with you on the go. When it’s time to put it away or take it on the go easily collapse the stand making it compact and light to handle.
  • Easy installation, no drilling is required.


Size: 91.5cm x 58cm x 34.5cm

Weight: 12kg

Style: 3 pcs grey rollers

Color: Black


Cleaning, polishing, and protecting your heavy car and truck wheels has never been more efficient or effective than now.

Introducing Maxshine’s Wheel Stand Tire Roller; by removing the wheels from the vehicle and placing them on the durable and easy-to-roll rail system, you can reduce strain on your body and place the wheel at any comfortable level to ensure simple and effective detailing evenly across the surface.

Can easily and safely withstand chemicals, washing etc.