Maxshine Rounded Brush Combo 3pc Pack

Maxshine Rounded Brush Combo 3pc Pack

Brand: Maxshine

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Maxshine High-Density Super Soft Brush Kit

Super soft high density tooth brush style detailing brush, safe on interiors/exteriors, painted surfaces, emblems.


The Maxshine Rounded Brush Combo featured with easy-to-handle rounded edges and static-free materials. The three sizes are perfect for utilizing on multiple different areas of the vehicle to ensure you can reach anywhere you need! Features with very soft bristles that are Chemical Resistant.


  • Anti – Static Materials
  • Removes Dust and Debris Easily
  • Non-Scratch, Chemical Resistant
  • Ultra-Soft Bristles
  • Non-Slip Rubber Handle

Package including: 3pcs/pack (small, medium, large)