Marolex Industry Ergo Alka Pump Sprayer Blue

Marolex Industry Ergo Alka Pump Sprayer Blue

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With the introduction of the ergo™ series, the industry has gained an amazing tool. An alkali-proof sprayer that is also light and handy. You do not need anything more anymore.

Disinfection of devices

The industry ergo sprayer is an excellent choice for gyms and professionals dealing with disinfection. The ability to regulate the jet, simplicity of service, and reliability ensure that it is chosen by professionals from around the world.

Disinfection of machines

Even with large production lines, it is easier to get to the corners with a smaller sprayer. The industry ergo sprayer is great for disinfecting even large, fully automated production belts in food processing plants and manufacturing companies.

Washing car windows

An adjustable nozzle in the industry ergo sprayer allows for very thorough coverage of car windows with a cleaning agent. Turning the nozzle to the maximum, you gain 90 degrees of spray angle and a very fine drop ideal for cleaning agents.

Washing windows

Big glass panes and huge storefronts are no longer scary since in the ergo industry sprayer we’ve used the auto lock button, and the comfortable, contoured handle makes you hardly feel that you have it in your hand.

Washing rims

Aluminum rims are nice, provided they are clean. With the help of the industry ergo sprayer you can easily apply a cleaning formulation on the rims, and with the 3d-flex system, you can hold the sprayer in any position.

Car paint care

Applying care products to car paint is much easier when you have an industry ergo sprayer in your hand. The wide range of capacities, efficient pump and button lock make it an excellent choice.

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1000 1500 2000 3000


1,65 l 2,10 l 2,40 l 3,55 l


1,00 l 1,50 l 2,00 l 3,00 l


0,4 MPa 0,4 MPa 0,4 MPa 0,4 MPa


0,50 kg 0,51 kg 0,60 kg 0,64 kg


258 mm 276 mm 308 mm 340 mm

Options: 1000 1L, 1500 1.5L, 2000 2L.