Marolex Axel Foamer

Marolex Axel Foamer

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Axel 2000, Axel 3000 foamers

has the ability to change the density of the foam through interchangeable inserts

Each tip is subject to wear, but it is worth mentioning that all foamers and their components undergo multi-stage quality control in the production process.

For many people, foam is just bubbles of air, but in our opinion, foam is your new work tool. Thanks to new axel™ foamers, you will look at the foam like we do. You will get from us 3 different foam densities that you can use in an infinite number of applications. We give you the tool to create a pure and shiny world.

marolex axel foamer

3 foaming inserts produce foam of different density. It is enough to simply change the insert to – from a liquid foam, excellent for cavities penetration – get the foam dense and compacted so firmly that it keeps on almost vertical surfaces.




2,40 l 3,55 l


2,00 l 3,00 l


0,4 MPa 0,4 MPa


0,64 kg 0,65 kg


308 mm 340 mm

Options: Axel 2000 2L, Axel 3000 3L.