Lithium Wheely Great Tire Conditioner Dressing 16oz

Lithium Wheely Great Tire Conditioner Dressing 16oz

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Lithium Wheely Great Tire Conditioner Dressing 16oz

Wheely Great Tire Conditioner and Cleaner:

Let's face it, even the best detail or wash job in the world looks a little off - without taking care of your tires. Tires definitively take more abuse than any other component on a car, yet usually receive the least amount of love.

Yes, you can simply clean them with soap. However, this does nothing to condition and protect the rubber, which is highly vulnerable to U.V. rays, road salts and other pollutants. Not to mention, soap can dry out the rubber over time. Or (Heaven forbid) you can spray some greasy silicone on them, which then turns a nasty brown when exposed to the sun.

To us, none of those options seemed overly appealing, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. What can we say "we wanted more".. We love tires, when they are a deep rich black color - but hate shiny greasy sidewalls that collect dust. We're also not fans of wasting time by using multiple products to get things clean and looking great.

The Premise:

Before we formulate any new product, we spend countless hours making a list of priorities and things we want the new concoction to achieve. The list always starts with about 30 or so desires. Then we plug in the equation of: Our skills + available technology = reality, and the list quickly shrinks.. However, with this product we had a few things that were not negotiable. First- as with all our products it had to make the surface it was used on healthy. Second- it had to protect and preserve. Third- the product had to cut through the brown film that accumulates on rubber, with minimal effort. Forth- The end result must be tires that looked like they did when they came out of the mold. Fifth- it had to make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. Ok we cut that one (back to that reality thing:)