Lithium Itch Batter 16oz

Lithium Itch Batter 16oz

Brand: Lithium

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EFFECTIVE SCRATCH AND SWIRL REMOVER: Lithium's Itch Batter is a compound that took over 2 years to develop and is the easiest way we know of to take care of a tough problem - Scratches and Swirl Marks. It Batter removes and erases minor scratches and blemishes in your car's paint. Minor paint repairs can be done quickly by hand. Deeper scratches can be fixed easily with Itch Batter and an electric polisher.

IT IS NOT MAGIC: At Lithium, we have spent over a decade formulating and producing the best paint care products in the world and we care a great deal about customers and their experience. So please note: that this product, (like any) has its limitations. If a scratch goes below the surface the paint or clear coat it will not be able to be repaired by hand. In most cases, it can be done with an electric polisher. However, some damage needs to be professionally repaired by a body shop.