Lithium Hide Rehab 16oz

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When it comes to keeping leather looking and feeling great, there are a lot of schools of thought. We’ve seen and tried them all. When you strip away all the B.S, it comes down to a few key things: source the best all-natural ingredients available; never use products with solvents or chemicals, because when they evaporate, they take moisture with them; make sure the ingredients will moisturize, shield against U.V. rays, and not leave an oily residue. Seems straightforward, right? In reality, it’s a pretty difficult thing to execute, but we think we’ve done it. Hide Rehab’s ingredients will not only make your leather particularly stunning to look at, it will be healthy and well-protected as well.


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Directions: Clean the surface using Hyper Cleanse, then liberally apply Hide Rehab  with a soft micro fiber towel or sponge applicator. Allow product to absorb into the leather for several minutes then wipe dry. Sit back and reflect on how smart you are for taking such proactive measures and keeping things healthy. Apply monthly to keep leather soft and hydrated.

Extra Credit: Allow seats to warm a bit in the sun before applying (but not hot), this will insure the product absorbs into the pores of the hides.