Liquid Elements A800 Nano Polisher

Liquid Elements A800 Nano Polisher

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The A800 Nano battery polishing machine KIT from Liquid Elements consists of 2 exclusive battery polishing machines developed in-house, which can be used for various applications.

The A800-1 model has a straight collet polishing attachment into which polishing cones can be clamped to polish very difficult to reach areas. Suitable for, for example, a honeycomb grill, door handles, ventilation grilles and all other narrow spaces. The A800-1 can be operated with polishing cones or with an enclosed 25mm backing pad.

The A800-2 model is an even smaller version of the A1000 V4 and is perfectly suited to carry out the finest detail work. With the included support plates in 15mm and 25mm and the included matching polishing pads, even the smallest and tightest spots on the entire vehicle can be easily reached and worked up perfectly. The A800-2 can be driven in 3mm eccentric, 5mm eccentric or in rotation mode using the included attachments. The eccentric attachments are not required for the rotation mode and the 15mm or 25mm plates are screwed directly to the head of the machine.

The power supply of the A800 cordless polishing machines is ensured by an external battery which can be attached to the waistband of trousers, for example, using the battery holder provided. With the second battery, which is also included in the scope of delivery, it is possible to work almost continuously. Due to the battery supply and the compact design, the A800 polishing machines from Liquid Elements can also be ideally transported in the trunk and used for spontaneous use in between.

Due to the extra ergonomic design and an ideal weight distribution, these nano battery polishing machines are easy to hold.
This combination of revolutionary nano battery polishing machines makes the A800-1 and A800-2 an indispensable aid in vehicle preparation when a perfect result is desired.

Liquid Elements A800 highlights:

  • 2 different polishing machines
  • Various polishing mechanisms
  • External battery holder
  • Very handy, ergonomic design
  • 15 watts of power
  • Lithium ion technology
  • 5 speed levels per machine
  • Manufactured under strict controls
  • Suitable for private and professional use
  • Revolutionary polishing machines
  • Extra for hard-to-reach places and small areas

Liquid Elements A800 Specifications:

  • Model: A800-1
    • Power consumption: 15 watts
    • Rotational speed (per minute): 2500-4500 r/min
    • Security class: Class II
    • Operating voltage: 12V / 50Hz
    • rotation operation
    • Battery life: about 60 minutes
    • Charging time to 100%: approx. 80 minutes

  • A800-2
    • Power consumption: 15 watts
    • Rotating speed (per minute): 1800-3000 r/min
    • Security class: Class II
    • Operating voltage: 12V / 50Hz
    • Orbit Mechanics:
      • 3mm eccentric
      • 5mm eccentric
      • rotation
    • Battery life: about 60 minutes
    • Charging time to 100%: approx. 80 minutes
    • disc diameter:
      • 15mm
      • 25mm

Important: Charging plug is EU Spec, will need a plug adapter!

👉1" polishing pads here.

👉2" polishing pads here.