Leatherique How To Guide

Leatherique How To Guide

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Leatherique How To Guide

Step 1

Vacuum surface, or use a brush to remove large particles of dirt, paying attention to folds, seams and cracks.

Step 2

Apply Rejuvenator Oil liberally to leather, using a sponge or brush, or your hands.  Hands are best:  massage in like you are putting skin cream on dry hands.  This will also leave your hands soft, because skin and leather are basically the same composition, and animal fats will work on both.

The is best done in hot weather, but will work in cooler temperatures.  The idea is, that since leather's a skin, its pores are open when hot (like us when sweating) and this is ideal for absorption.

The Rejuvenator Oil will penetrate the coatings on the leather (yes, coated leather too), and migrate through the leather, replacing the natural fats, proteins, elastin's and collagens that get depleted over time if not treated.  The Rejuvenator Oil also penetrates through seams, edges, and perforations if your leather has them;  (Porsche perf-seats come to mind). 

If your leather is in good soft condition, the Oil will be readily absorbed, and a 1-2 hour soak is enough.  If the leather's dry, it will absorb slowly.  Creeping movement through leather by capillary action requires that there be moisture in the leather to begin with.  If dry, apply Oil several times over days.  In worst cases it can takes weeks, but it will come back.  Basically, if your leather sucks up the Rejuvenator Oil, that means it needs it.

Step 3

After soaking with the Oil, there will be a sticky haze left.  This is the dirt, grime, air pollution, perspiration and salts that have been floated to the surface.  Apply Pristine Clean liberally to the leather (a spray bottle works well), and allow to soak a few minutes.  Use a soft towel, and remove the residue.  Use a soft brush if you have dirt trapped in the crevices of the grain.  A brush can you rub on your arm without pain will work.  The pristine Clean will not remove the conditioner permeated into the leather.  Use the Pristine Clean on the vinyl areas of the car or sofa, so it all matches and looks great.  Vinyl is a plastic, and will not absorb the Rejuvenator Oil, but the Pristine Clean works very well, leaving the correct matte shine.  Your leather will appreciate the "face-lift" and will have the "new leather" smell restored.

Use the two-step conditioning process:  soak with Rejuvenator Oil then clean with Pristine Clean, 2-4 times a year for cars, or more for convertibles and sunny state cars.  Use just the Pristine Clean for a quick wipe detailer anytime.  Use Pristine Clean on rubber and vinyl tops.

Most leather products on the market have a cleaner in them, and a conditioner.  Unfortunately most often the wrong ingredients are chosen.  If a cleaner has a harsh chemical in it, such as alcohol or thinners, it will dry out the leather and perhaps dissolve the due colour.  Test on your hands: does it sting?  have you ever had lacquer thinners on your hands?  It makes your skin dry and crack right away, because it has dissolved the oils from your skin.  

For conditioners, silicone and wax are worse than nothing.  Silicone or waxes put a repellent coating on the leather which prevents absorption of anything.  You can tell if a seat has had silicone on it; the conditioner will bead off like oil on water.  Putting silicone or wax on leather is like putting on latex gloves, then trying to use skin cream; it will not penetrate.

Cows never had silicone, wax or alcohol, or thinner or any other man made creations in their skin, they have animal fats, proteins, elastin's, collagens.  Check the ingredients of the finest ladies face cream; it's likely a collagen formula.  This is what's in Leatherique's conditioner.