Lake Country Waffle Pro 5.5" (White, Orange, Black)

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Waffle Pro Pads - 2018 updated ver.

Introducing convoluted foam technology in four proven "professional" foam formulations. The waffle profile is designed to:

  • Reduce heat build-up while buffing

  • Allows pad to glide over surface while polishing

  • Prevents skipping of pad on surface

White Compounding - An aggressive compounding foam used for removing sanding scratches, deep scratches, oxidation and weathered paint.

Orange Light Cutting - A versatile foam pad that can be used in a range of applications from light compounding to swirl removal.

Black Finishing - Used with a finishing polish to remove light swirl marks.

Blue Finessing - Very soft foam used with a final polish, glaze, or wax to create exceptional shine.