Lake Country Backpack

Lake Country Backpack

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Lake Country Backpack 

With hard bottom shell to protect your gear.

The LCPT Backpack allows you to keep your hands free and transport your polishers and products safely on your back.

Gone are the days of lugging around heavy due style bags with products and polishers scattered inside, causing possible damage to your machines. With the LCPT Backpack  your polishers and products are securely held in their designated spots.

Carry all of your detailing accessories safely inside. Two full size and one 3” polisher have designated spots and are securely held in place. You can also fit brushes, tools, pads, towels, and even your compound and polish.  The LCPT backpack is engineered and designed to be carried without fatigue. It features padded shoulder straps and multiple pads that rest the backpack easily on your back.