Lake Country 5.5" CCS Foam Pad

Lake Country 5.5" CCS Foam Pad

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Lake Country 5.5" CCS Foam Pad

Background of CCS Technology, 5-1/2"" x 7/8

Conventional foam pads absorb polish too quickly. This reduces polish and pad performance because most of the polish is trapped below the working surface of the pad. CCS technology™ solves this common problem using strategic patterns of partially closed foam cells.


  • SLOW RATE OF POLISH ABSORBTION - Enhances polish performance.
  • IMPROVES OPERATOR CONTROL - CCS pockets gradually release polish as needed by the operator.
  • PREVENTS PAD SKIPPING - CCS pockets reduce surface tension allowing operator to run pad flat on working surface.
  • CREATES LESS HEAT - CCS pockets reduce surface contact resulting in less friction generated heat.
  • OEM APPROVED - OEM tests confirm CCS pads out-perform convoluted pad designs.


78-52550CCS-130 Yellow

78-22550CCS-130 Orange

78-62550CCS-130 White

78-32550CCS-130 Green

78-92550CCS-130 Blue

78-72550CCS-130 Black