Lake Country Heavy Cutting Twisted Wool Pad (6.5", 7.5")

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Lake Country Heavy Cutting Twisted Wool Pad (6.5", 7.5")

The difference between Steamed and Un-Steamed pads

By steaming the wool, the tufted wool yarn strands bloom with heat and moisture, providing a full, plush feeling. Un-Steamed wool pads the strands of wool are sewn tighter together resulting in more wool in the pad.


  • More Aggressive – Because the wool strands are sewn tighter together, the pads are more aggressive in their function.
  • Large amount of initial blow off – The first time one uses this type of wool pad, their will be a larger amount of blow off. After the initial blow off, it will shed very little for the remaining life of the pad

1" Pile, hook & loop Velcro pad.