Kwazar Venus Pro+ Super Foamer Pump 2L

Kwazar Venus Pro+ Super Foamer Pump 2L

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Kwazar Venus Pro+ Super Foamer Pump 2L

This foamer from Kwazar allows for quick, accurate and precise coverage of the surface with a foam.  Ideal for car washes, car services and cleaning services. 

The Kwazar Venus Super Foamer is a chemical resistant pressure sprayer used to apply foaming agents, quick detailers, waterless washes, and more. The Kwazar Venus Super Foamer brings you the convenience of a pressure sprayer without the hassle of big machinery. When used with a foaming shampoo and water mixture, the Kwazar Venus Pro Super Foamer will give you foam similar to a visit to the car wash. When used with a quick detailer or waterless wash, even though those are not foaming products, you'll get an even and precisely applied layer.

The Kwazar Venus Super Foamer Nozzle is adjustable, allowing you to control the stream of product from narrow to wide, depending on your usage.

Designed for application of foaming agents. It is used in car washes and car repair shops, particularly for car pre-washing or cleaning the rims and engine compartments.  It can also be used for spot cleaning of building facades. Includes 3 tips for thick, medium and thin foam.


safety valve – pressure always under control

convenient handle – work comfortably

visible fluid strip – easy to keep an eye on the fluid level

base ring – stabilization and protection

extended guarantee - 3 years tank guarantee