Kamikaze The Original Zipang Coat 30ml

Kamikaze Zipang Coat 30ml - CARZILLA
Kamikaze Zipang Coat 30ml - CARZILLA.CA

Kamikaze The Original Zipang Coat 30ml

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Kamikaze Zipang Coat 30ml

The original golden shield.

The ultimate paint tuning solution from Japan with post coating darkening effects, making paint finishes deeper and richer.  More durable than the chemical resistant tuned ISM v2.0, last up to 5 years, should be maintained with Over Coat once a month or two.  Contains self-healing attributes*


  • Prepare surface with Iron, Tar remover, clay bar, polish etc., then wipe down with oil remover.
  • Apply small amount of product on applicator and work 2x2 sections.
  • Let product set for 3~5 minutes.  Zipang Coat is very easy to work with, it has a generous wipe of time of 3~5 minutes.
  • Buff gently with lintless towels, make sure all highspots are removed.
  • Layering time between 1~2 hours, no water for 24~48 hours.
  • Can be utilized as a topper/gloss modifier on top of ISM or Miyabi Coat.