Kamikaze Over Coat 300ml v4.1

Kamikaze Over Coat 300ml v4.1

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Kamikaze Over Coat 300ml v4.1

The ultimate sacrificial layer

Experience absolutely intense water beading and slickness - Kamikaze OverCoat is designed to be applied over any coating, even wheels, windows, PPF etc., as a sacrificial layer that protects the coating, reduce Water Spot and acts as the first to go and preserves what's underneath.  Water-based formula and VOC free.


The 300ml is capable of coating 25~30 vehicles, a little goes a long way.  Recommend by spraying onto an applicator and work on 2x2ft area; no drying, no hazing, buff off right away.  Can also be used as a drying aid while the vehicle's still wet, simply spray, wipe and done.