Kamikaze Miyabi Graphene PRO 20ml

Kamikaze Miyabi Graphene PRO 20ml

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Kamikaze Miyabi Graphene PRO 20ml (Studios only)

Legendary 98% SiO2 Miyabi with graphene infusion.

98% Organosilanes & alkoxysilane super high solids + graphene oxide.  The smallest fine molecular Alkoxysiloxanes coating is a non-solvent and VOC-Free product that's easy to apply and easy to remove from the finest Japanese chemical engineering. Durability for proper application is expected at 60-72 months with 2 layers with proper aftercare with Kamikaze OverCoat and Anti-Aging Shampoo.


  • Shake both part A and part B bottle
  • Mix part B into the larger part A bottle
  • Wait 3 minutes for chemical reaction to occur
  • Apply in a typical crisscross motion with provided applicator suedes
  • Wipe off between 3~5 minutes
  • Layerable in 2 hours.
  • No water exposure in 48 hours.
  • Product consumption is between ~15ml per layer.
  • Part A bottle will seem filled halfway, part A consists of 16ml and B 4ml.