Kamikaze Miyabi Coat 30ml

Kamikaze Miyabi Coat 30ml - CARZILLA
Kamikaze Miyabi Coat 30ml - CARZILLA.CA

Kamikaze Miyabi Coat 30ml

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The Original Kamikaze Miyabi Coat 30ml

96% Sio2 contains Paint Tuning Glass coating.

The smallest fine molecular Alkoxysiloxanes coating is a non-solvent and VOC-Free product that's easy to apply and easy to remove from the finest Japanese chemical engineering.  Durability for proper application is expected at 18-24 months with a single layer.


  • Prepare surface with Iron, Tar remover, clay bar, polish etc., then wipe down with oil remover.
  • Apply small amount of product on applicator and work 2x2 sections.
  • Let product set for 5~10 minutes.  Miyabi is very easy to work with, it has a generous wipe of time of up to 15 minutes.
  • Buff gently with lintless towels, make sure all highspots are removed.
  • Layering time between 1~2 hours, no water for 24~48 hours.
  • Can be topped with Over Coat after 24~48 hours.