Kamikaze Miyabi Coat 2.0 30ml

Kamikaze Miyabi Coat 2.0 30ml

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New with Carbon Nanotubes CNT infusion.

Carbon Nanotubes "CNT" is now infused in your favourite coating. Still remains the same ease of applications but now has the benefits of Japanese cutting-edge material thanks to the CNT. Carbon Nanotubes act not only to strengthen cross-link of the coating to the applied surface but also act as an electrically conducting layer which will smoothen the flow of the aerodynamics of the car. The use of electrically conductive material to increase gas mileage as well as the performance of the car is proven by the Toyota motor company with their patents.


  • Apply evenly in the same direction. (No problem to apply in the same way as general coating agents.)
  • Allow 10-20 minutes for reaction drying time, and then wipe up with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • (Please apply under the recommended application environment. Temperature: 15-25℃, Humidity: 40-70%)
  • In addition, 1-2 hours of drying time is required after wiping. Do not spray water on the surface for at least 12-24 hours after application.
  • When using MIYABI COAT as a base layer and ISM COAT as a top layer, please allow an interval of about 2 hours. (for drying time after wiping)

Contents: 30ml (1-3 standard cars)
Main ingredients: Alkoxysiloxane, alkoxylan (96% content), aluminium compounds, etc.
Made in Japan