Kamikaze ISM Coat 30ml v3.0

Kamikaze ISM Coat 30ml v3.0

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Kamikaze ISM Coat 30ml v3.0

Professional grade coating made available for everyone.  Hydrocarbon Flexible Self-Healing Coating.

The newest version 3.0 is now easier to apply with improved chemical tolerance for the toughest climates where snow, salt, road and snow melting chemicals persist that can quickly destroy a ceramic coating.  ISM is a Hydrocarbon flexible coating with the latest Japanese chemical tech with 36~48 month protection with a single layer.  A strong coating doesn't need to be solvent heavy, the ISM Coat is Non-Solvent and VOC-Free.


  • Prepare surface with Iron, Tar remover, clay bar, polish etc., then wipe down with oil remover.
  • Apply small amount of product on applicator and work in a smaller 1.5x1.5 sections.
  • Wipe off right away, do not let set or may get tacky to remove.
  • Buff gently with lintless towels, make sure all highspots are removed.
  • Layering time between 1~2 hours with ISM again or Miyabi, no water for 24~48 hours and no soap for 1 week.
  • Can be topped with Over Coat after 24~48 hours.