Kamikaze BEAST Aluminum Backing Plate (3" or 5")

Kamikaze BEAST Aluminum Backing Plate (3" or 5")

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Kamikaze BEAST 3" or 5" Aluminum Backing Plate

V2 Customed CNC aluminium plate w/ M8 thread for 5".

The original, innovative aluminium backing plate from kamikaze.  Custom and vented non-flexible plate to increase power transfer and working speed by up to 22%.  Imagine having a speed "7" on your polisher speed dial.  V2 comes with tapered velcro, stiffness and weight.

  • Non flexible aluminum backing plate with stronger torque transfer.

  • Reduced vibration vs flexible plates.

  • Generate and transfer more heat to aid in cutting hard paint; however, also controlled by the vented holes to reduce excessive heat build-up.

The aluminium backing plate naturally gaps itself from the polisher shroud, thus eliminating the need for the “washer mod”. This will increase the machine’s ability to free spin and not get unwanted friction from the shroud.

IMPORTANT - READ ME: Does not come with a mounting M8 bolt, use your existing one.  When removing your polishing pad, do not just 'peel' the pad off, use the Rupes Claw Tool or credit card and stab into the velcro to remove, or the velcro will delaminate when the plate's still hot.

Typical M8 mount fits Rupes LHR15/21 mark 2 and 3's, Shinemate, Waxedshine, Adam's Swirl Killer etc long throw polishers.

The 3" uses M6 mounting, will fit LHR75E.

Made in Japan.