Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat 100ml v2

Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat 100ml v2

Brand: Kamikaze

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Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat 100ml v2

Insane filling capabilities for soft and thin paint.

Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat is a product like no other in the market.  This non-solvent and VOC-free formula act as a durable coating primer for Miyabi and ISM Coat.  It provides chemical-based filling characteristics that work particularly well on soft and delicate paints, but will also work with all paint finishes.  If polishing takes away micrometres of paint, the  Artificial Clear Coat does the opposite.

See below for instructions, should be used with a soft finishing pad and polisher, to work the product into the paint. 

Do not overwork the product, medium speed with maximum 2 passes, if overworked the product will be hard to remove and leave a haze.