Kamikaze Anti Aging Treatment 300ml v2.0

Kamikaze Anti Aging Treatment 300ml v2.0

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Kamikaze Anti Aging Treatment 300ml v2.0 (Concentrated).

The Anti-Ageing Treatment V2.0 is unlike the V1.0, the 2.0 is not a shampoo, it's now stripped of its cleaning abilities to focus on pure protection.  After the vehicle's washed and while still wet, spray the product on lightly, do not over-saturate or it'll leave streaks and shadows due to its high silica content, and rinse off after a few seconds, the remaining water will help the product spread.

Another application method is, while the panel's still wet after washing, spray the product onto a wet towel and dry with it, then buff dry with a dry microfiber towel.  Can also be used on windows, plastics, trims, PPF etc.  The Anti Ageing Treatment can also be diluted down 1:2 ~ 1:10 as a drying aid, there's no need to use the product full strength all the time.