Jescar Correcting Compound 8oz

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Jescar Correcting Compound 8oz

The Jescar Correcting Compound was developed using an advanced formula for elimination of minimum P1500 grit sanding marks on fresh paint, and deep scratches and oxidation on weathered paint.  Suitable for all paint systems and fiberglass gel coat.  Can be used with wool, microfiber or foam pads on either a rotary or dual action polishing machine.  Silicone free and safe for all paint areas.

Directions: Shake well before using.  Avoid working on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight for best results.  Apply 3 to 4 pea size drops of Correcting Compound over the surface of the polishing pad and work in a 2' x 2' area using medium pressure and speed (1200-1800 rpm for rotary) until all of the defects have been removed.  Clean area with a microfiber cloth and then follow with Jescar Micro Finishing Polish if necessary to bring surface to an ultra high gloss finish.

Made in Germany.