iK INOX 10 Stainless

iK INOX 10 Stainless

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GOIZPER iK INOX 10 Stainless Sprayer, 3 gallons.

Sprayers especially manufactured with maximum resistance materials to be used with mineral and vegetable oils, curing agents and neutral cleaners. Can be similarly used with hydrocarbon based solvents, lubricants and petroleum derivatives.

optimal Solvent-based pesticides

optimal Oils, solvents and petroleum by-products

Valve Tared at 6 bar despresurizable
Hose 1.8 m
Standard nozzles Adjustable conical nozzle and fan
Lance 50 cm stainless steel
Usable capacity 6l. - 1,6 U.S. Gals.
Total capacity 9l. - 2,4 U.S. Gals.
Litres/Min. 3 bar 0,50 l/min. - 1pint/min.
Gross weight 4,4 kg - 9,7 lbs.
Net weight 4 kg - 8,8 lbs.