iK Foam Pro 12

iK Foam Pro 12

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GOIZPER iK Foam Pro 12, 2 gallons capacity

Now equipped with compressor air socket

IK FOAM creates a groundbreaking and satisfying experience. Thanks to its precision and design you will be able to generate the foam that best suits your needs. Sprayers specifically manufactured for the generation of dry and long-lasting foam. Designed for use with chemical agents with surfactant properties (surface active).

optimal Foaming agents

Valve 4-bar setting with automatic pressure release option
Hose 1.3m
Standard nozzles Special nozzle with fan-type foam
Lance 47cm fibreglass
Usable capacity 6l. – 1,58 U.S. Gals.
Total capacity 10l. – 2,64 U.S Gals.
Gross weight 2,99 Kg – 6,59 lbs.
Net weight 2,57 Kg – 5,66 lbs.