Lake Country Hydrotech H2O 5.5" Crimson Finishing Pad

Lake Country Hydrotech H2O 5.5" Crimson Finishing Pad

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Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5.5" Closed cell pre-polymer foam pad.

Features and Benefits

  • Specialty engineered foams for use with water-based compounds and polishes
  • Closed cell pre-polymer foam
    • Closed cell foams reduce polish absorption into the pad keeping polish on the working surface for optimum performance of both pad and polish.
  • High strength, tear resistant foam



  • Cyan – Heavy polishing foam designed for compounding and swirl removal. Used to restore oxidized and heavily swirled paint.
  • Tangerine – Light polishing foam for light to moderate defect removal and polishing. Slightly less aggressive than our Orange foam.
  • Crimson – Ultra finishing soft foam designed for applying waxes, glazes and sealants