GYEON Q²M Towel Wash Detergent 500ml

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GYEON Q²M Towel Wash Detergent 500ml

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Gentle & Effective towel wash

Gyeon Towel Wash
Gyeon Towel Wash
Gyeon Towel Wash


Since microfibers are often washed in the same washing machine as your clothes, Gyeon made TowelWash totally biodegradable and safe for the environment. Not only does it contain no fragrance or color additives, but it also has no harmful effects on the ecosystem.

Softwipe EVO

Soft. Plush and thick. The perfect microfiber for coatings and quick detailer.

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The ultimate glass towel for streak and smudge-free finish with Gyeon Glass Cleaner

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Low pile meets high performance. The ultimate all-rounder towel.

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Gyeon Towel Wash

suitable for pads cleaning

Gyeon TowelWash can be used to clean your polishing pads, even those made of wool. It will help remove polishing paste even during a hand wash.

TIP: The amount of product used depends on the hardness of the water supplied in your area. If you have a water purification system, use as little as 10ml per wash! We recommend using 30ml per wash for areas with higher levels of water hardness.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.

GYEON Towel Wash Detergent 500ml

Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

Our experience and laboratory tests have shown that the best results in cleaning and maintaining microfibers are achieved when a ‘pure’ cleanser is used. No fabric softeners, no fragrance, no color additives – that is why Q²M Towel Wash remains pure.


  • CONSUMPTION: 30ml/wash


We care about our planet and its future. As microfibers are often washed in the same washing machine as your clothes, we made Q²M TowelWash totally bio-degradable and safe for the environment. Not only are there no fragrance or color additives inside, there are no bad effects on the ecosystem.


High quality microfibers are precious accessories for every detailer. That’s why taking good care of them is very important. Q²M Towel Wash is a gentle washing liquid for cleaning microfiber towels without affecting their performance. Q²M TowelWash may also be used as a gentle wash for natural wool wash mitts during a hand wash. It helps remove dirt and any contamination build up, thoroughly cleaning the fibres.


Use 50ml for a regular washing machine cycle. Use approx. 30ml for 5 liters of hot water during hand washing of wool wash mitts. Skin protection recommended. Work in a well-ventilated area. Store in a dark, dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children. Rinse all treated fabrics well.

Yes, it can act as a pad-cleaning agent.

No, we do not recommend adding any additional cleaning agents with Gyeon Towel Wash. Keeping it 'pure' will give you the best result!

Secure the pump's top opening in the closed position and store it in a dark, dry area with a temperature between 15 - 30 degrees Celsius.

Yes, it's biodegradable and safe. It contains no fragrance or color additives.

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