GYEON Q²M Fabric Cleaner 1L

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GYEON Q²M Fabric Cleaner 1L

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Fabric Upholstery Cleaner

One Step fabric cleaner

It can serve as a one-step cleaner when used with the Gyeon Leather brush and Gyeon Baldwipe microfiber towels. Alternatively, it proves effective as a pre-spray for wet cleaning with an extraction vacuum cleaner. This versatile cleaner not only cleanses and removes light stains but also prepares textiles for coating protection with Gyeon FabricCoat. "It is suitable for use on Alcantara, carpet, soft convertible tops, headliners, and fabric home furniture as well.

Horse hair Brush

Utilize the Gyeon Horse Hair Brush to achieve a deeper and more effective cleaning.

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Fabric Coat

Protect the finish against dirt, liquid and UV rays with Gyeon Fabric Coat.

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Baldwipe evo

Remove any residue with Gyeon BaldWipe, ensuring a dry and lint-free finish on your fabric surfaces.

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Clean Fabric in 3 simple steps

Spray liberally on the surface, agitate with Q²M LeatherBrush in a circular motion, and wipe the residue with Q²M BaldWipe. Repeat if necessary. In the case of light contamination, spray on a microfiber and wipe. Remember, It can also be used on Alcantara and other fabric surfaces.

TIP: For heavy dirt, agitate Q²M Fabric Cleaner with a brush and remove with an extraction vacuum cleaner

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gyeon fabric cleaner

GYEON Fabric Cleaner 1L


A powerful solution to clean fabric upholstery. Its formula has been designed to remove dirt, stains and odour effectively and safely on all types of fabrics. It will leave the interior fresh, clean and ready for protection with Q² FabricCoat.


Q²M FabricCleaner might be used as a one-step cleaner (via brush and microfibre) or as an effective pre-spray for wet cleaning with an extraction vacuum cleaner. It cleanses but also prepares textiles prior to coating with Q² FabricCoat.


Spray liberally on the surface. Agitate with Q²M LeatherBrush in circular motion. Wipe the residue with Q²M BaldWipe. Repeat if necessary. In case of light contamination, spray on a microfibre and wipe. TIP: On heavy dirt agitate Q²M Fabric Cleaner with a brush and remove with an extraction vacuum cleaner.

Yes, you can use APC to clean fabric surfaces, but it may not be as safe and efficient due to its high pH level. Incomplete extraction may result in leaving caustic chemicals behind in the carpeting and fabric. This is not a problem with dedicated fabric cleaners.

Yes, it is formulated to effectively and safely remove dirt, stains, and odors on all types of fabrics. Repeat the cleaning process for heavier stains if needed.

Yes, it is safe to use on any fabric surfaces.

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