GYEON Q²M Cure Matte 400ml

GYEON Q²M Cure Matte 400ml - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q²M Cure Matte 400ml - CARZILLA.CA

GYEON Q²M Cure Matte 400ml

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PREVENTS WATERSPOTS AND STAINS for matte paint & films

Sharp darkening effect

GYEON Cure Matte not only shields the coating from water spots but also enhances the aesthetic appeal on matte paint and films. It imparts a subtle tint, elevating the matte finish to a deeper and richer appearance.

Matte EVO

An ideal matte-specific coating, excellent as a foundational layer to safeguard matte finishes from etching.

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Matte Decon

Avoid claying matte finishes! Instead, employ a chemical decontamination method to eliminate contaminants.

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Decon wash

Using a clay bar on matte paint is not recommended. Instead, opt for Restart Wash to prevent contaminants from accumulating on matte paint or films.

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Simplifies the cleaning process for matte finishes.

For maintenance purposes on ceramic-coated, matte, or satin-finished surfaces, including color-changing wraps and stealth PPF, use Q²M Cure Matte.

TIP: You can apply the product on both wet and dry paint to enhance the finish, extend the durability of the coating, and assist in drying and streak removal.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.

GYEON Cure Matte 400ml

Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

The primary job of Q²M Cure Matte is maximum prolonging of the Q² Matte base quartz coating’s durability. Through regular maintenance you may gain an extension of the excellent hydrophobic effect of up to 90% of the durability of the base coating, preventing it from water spots at the same time.

  • CONSUMPTION: 30ml/car

  • PH TOLERANCE: 4-10


  • SiO2 PERCENTAGE: >5%

  • DURABILITY: 3~4 months


Q²M Cure Matte is a unique, silica-based spray sealant designed for matte finished paints and wraps. It’s both a stand-alone product providing durable protection and self-cleaning abilities, as well as a spray detailer for ceramic coatings. It increases the depth and intensity of the colour without adding any gloss to the finish.


Before you start applying, wash the car with a shampoo (Q²M Bathe is recommended). The product can be used on dry and wet vehicles. Keep out of reach of children. Seek medical attention if swallowed.

Yes, it's safe on all matte finishes, whether painted, powder-coated, filmed, or untreated. It will leave an even and rich finish.

It may streak and leave shadows if the panels are too hot or if too much product is used because it's very concentrated. If it does, simple wash with soap or apply product to even it out.

About 3~4 months.

A little bit, won't hide all your scratches but will improve them.

Yes, it is compatible with all exterior surfaces. If you get it on windows, gloss paint, PPF etc., it's not a problem.

Microscopically, matte paint is textured and bumpy, making it more prone to attracting dirt compared to gloss surfaces, which can pose challenges in maintenance. Additionally, scratches cannot be polished out without causing a glossy appearance. The same applies to water spots, bug guts, and bird droppings – if etched into the paint or film, they leave circular marks that are impossible to remove (no polishing matte). Therefore, it's crucial to take proactive care of your matte finish by applying a proper matte ceramic coating initially. This helps prevent contaminants from absorbing and etching into the paint or film.

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