GYEON Q²M Clay Lube (1:10 Concentrate) 500ml

GYEON Q²M Clay Lube (1:10 Concentrate) 500ml - CARZILLA

GYEON Q²M Clay Lube (1:10 Concentrate) 500ml

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Clay Lubricant

Gyeon claylube
Gyeon Claylube
Gyeon Claylube


Gyeon ClayLube offers extreme slickness, reducing friction to prevent the clay from 'grabbing' and marring the surface. Instead, the clay effortlessly slips over the surface, revealing smooth paint. While ideally used with Gyeon Clay for optimal results, it can be applied with any clay bars, towels, mitts, or discs for lubrication. It can be diluted down to a 1:10 ratio, providing excellent economy without compromising its high performance, ensuring effective lubrication for the clay to perform its job.

Mild Clay

Use Gyeon Clay Mild for Optimum results.

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Coarse Clay

Use with Gyeon Clay Coarse for heavy contamination.

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Iron Remover

Use Gyeon Iron to decontaminate before claying for a safer and more efficient decontamination process.

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Gyeon Claylube

Tips & Tricks

The formula of Gyeon ClayLube allows for dilution up to 1:10 without compromising the slickness of the product. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for both professional detailers and enthusiasts. We recommend diluting the product less for heavier decontamination.

TIP: Spray generously on one panel at a time. Rinse the car after completing the claying process to easily remove any potential streaks.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.

GYEON Clay Lube (1:10 Concentrate) 500ml

Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

Q²M ClayLube is totally neutral and developed to work with any type and manufacture of clay bars. It does not affect the clay and remains safe for the most delicate bars. At the same time it does not cause any staining on the paint.




Q²M ClayLube has extreme slickness which reduces friction and prevents the clay from ‘grabbing’ and marring the surface, instead the clay will slip over it to reveal smooth paint. Ideally used with Q²M Clay for best results, but it can be used with any clay bars, cloths or discs to lubricate. Q²M ClayLube can be diluted down as far as a 1:10 ratio, which offers great economy, without impacting on its high performance and still allowing good lubrication for the clay to do its job.


Spray generously on the surface. After finishing, rinse with a pressure washer and dry with a dedicated drying towel. Store in a dark, dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children.

Yes, but Gyeon Clay Lube is way more cost-effective, safe, and provides much better slickness. Quick Detailer can be costly, and soapy water could potentially stain the paint if not rinsed in time.

Yes, it can be applied over the contaminated parts of your vehicle after the washing process and before paint correction.

Secure the sprayer in a closed position. Store it in a dry, dark, and cool place. Do not allow it to freeze, and avoid exposure to sunlight.

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