GYEON Q²M Bathe Shampoo 1L

GYEON Q²M Bathe Shampoo 1L - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q²M Bathe Shampoo 1L - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q²M Bathe Shampoo 1L - CARZILLA.CA

GYEON Q²M Bathe Shampoo 1L

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pH Neutral

Q²M Bathe is a high-quality, pH-neutral car wash with effective cleaning power to dissolve dirt easily. It is gentle enough not to affect coatings or sealants. Being pH neutral, it ensures the preservation of delicate finishes, such as nickel/chrome-plated or highly polished elements. The formula is safe on waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings.

Large drying towel

Experience zero-scratch drying with the Silk Dryer EVO, capable of drying a large vehicle in one go!

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Decon wash

Restart removes iron particles, water spots, and light fallout in one go, making it an excellent choice for restoring the hydrophobicity of your coating.

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Soft and Plush Mitts

Super soft, plush, and thick wash mitt – the crucial component that comes into contact with your paint. Ensure you invest in a quality one.

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Slippery wash

Q²M Bathe stands out as the ultimate choice for cleaning coated cars. With its enhanced cleaning power, it effectively removes light organic contamination and contributes to restoring the initial hydrophobicity of the coating. It is completely safe on all finishes and coatings, boasting a neutral pH.

TIP: Dilute Q²M Bathe in warm water to enhance its cleaning power and facilitate the quicker removal of light contamination.

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Gyeon ph neutral ceramic coating safe bathe shampoo

GYEON Bathe Shampoo 1L

Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

Like other items in our range of products, Q²M Bathe is superbly efficient, for it has a highly concentrated formula. The thick gel is naturally water-soluble, emitting a very pleasant smell, reminiscent of Q²M Cure, as well as producing a long-lasting foam.

  • CONSUMPTION: 15-20ml/car


  • PH LEVEL: 6


Q²M Bathe is a quality pH-neutral car wash. It has good cleaning power to dissolve dirt easily but is gentle and kind enough to not affect coatings or sealants. And because it is pH-neutral it also ensures that delicate finishes such as nickel / chrome plated or highly polished elements remain pristine.


90% of paint defects occur as a consequence of improper washing. A two-bucket method, a soft glove or an efficient pressure washer can only partly guarantee success. One of its most crucial constituents remains its slipperiness as a shampoo, which boosts the smooth gliding of the glove over the surface of the paint. The better the slippery features, the more we are able to minimize the risk of developing new defects on the paint of our vehicle.


Always use Q2M Foam to dissolve and remove pollution. Use the two bucket method. Wash your car with a high quality wash mitt panel by panel in a straight-forward motion. Rinse well. Wash the Keep out of reach of children. Seek medical attention if swallowed.

They share similar chemistry, with the key distinction being that Bathe Essence is much more concentrated than Bathe. Both are pH neutral.

15~25ml per wash depending on size of bucket.

Mix anywhere between 1:10~1:20 with water.

We vote slickness because that's how rinseless and waterless wash products work; the slippery solution helps prevent scratching.

While foam technically lifts soil off the surface more effectively, during contact washing, it's important to prioritize slickness.

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